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    Walking in the dark
    Not caring where it leads
    It begins to rain
    Drenched in cold (I madman)
    I see a girl
    The feeling of alone
    I am drawn to her
    She is shy and I become alive
    The game
    She smiles and my blood begins to flow
    I madman
    "Take my hand and walk with me
    Beforewarned I am mad
    Laughing now she follows me
    What a bad day she has had
    I, a madman walking in the rain
    A rotting corpse that feels no pain
    Upset and angry for feeling so alone
    I wish to find a pretty face
    And make her all my own"
    Pretty pretty silent one
    Standing all alone
    Come a little closer
    So I can hear your moan
    Pretty pretty silly girl
    I take your hand in mine
    I promise that everything
    Is just like wine
    A bit afraid but still so brave
    I madman
    I think I love you
    I madman
    "A crazy violent stormy man
    Hidden in a cloak
    Walks now with a woman
    Whose throat he'd like to choke
    I madman who holds your hand
    Like the calming of the sea
    Watch me as your life unfolds
    And your soul is given to me"
    Many times I'll see your face
    Damn you madman
    You haunt me every night
    Without a trace
    I madman go to happy place
    Promises, charm and smiling eyes
    I madman
    Always kind and always nice
    I think you love my grace
    "The game is dead you want me
    Remember I am mad
    Question after question
    Takes her by surprise
    I tell her I am wicked
    And she is not wise
    So take the hand of a stranger
    You not a madman"
    Silly silly little girl
    I am having so much fun
    So deep you cannot run
    Pretty pretty stupid girl... Stay!
    There is something I will teach you
    Before you go away
    "A crazy violent stormy man
    Hidden in a cloak
    Lies now on the corpse
    Of a girl he used to choke
    Laughing as he looks at her
    With a smile on his face
    Grins while he talks to her
    And heads off to the special place"
    I madman...

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