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    Her majesty is crying tears of ice cold rain.

    I see my brazen brothers come to claim their hill and plane, They take my
    hand and guide me to the walls of Stortinget.

    Angered by the weak and ostentatious actions of leaders of our land.
    Spitting on the vainglorious proclaimers of freedom to all that be as they
    hold a worldwide banner shouting come and follow me.

    Norway is the star to be followed. Her symmetry plain to see. We shall not
    let her father into the popular amorphous sea, and with these words spoken
    the end befell the lies.

    And the promises have awoken the Northern son's vengeful eyes. I see the
    promises begging on their knees in guilt and shame. So swiftly were they
    silenced and once again the Vikings reign!

    Now we shall live as one, brothers and sisters of pride. As we watch our
    enemies sail away forgotten with the tide.

    Her majesty shall raise her head, a beautiful example to all. The sons of
    North have Norway in hand and never shall she fall!

    (Solo - Aphazel)

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