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    I was born in the sign of Racea
    From lakes of fire I rose
    Born in flames to unleash Armageddon
    The powers of Hades are in my command
    In this grisly night
    I ride the realm of Erebus and Sheol
    Across the skies my mark will be known
    And the seven seas
    Will turn to rabid fire beneath my feet
    As the blackened worlds above are shrieking
    "By destruction he will build his reign
    For he is the one who was born in flames"
    Through this stormy night
    And over these blazing skies
    I reign in genocide from my thrones above
    I conflagration of cosmic dimensions
    Will flare up the lands in apocalyptic rage
    "The time has come, the earth is burning
    Embrace the new domain!"

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