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    Crestfallen voices from the past,
    haunting me
    She calls me from the land of the dead,
    in twisted tongues
    The bells I hear are so cold,
    and so woeful
    Still I start heading for the graves,
    beyond the hills
    "I've been waiting for you to come
    I am dead to the world, but you know I am here"
    At last I realize I can't evade her powers
    She's got me mesmerized by her cries
    "I want you to come to me!"
    "I've been waiting for ages!"
    From the land of the dead,
    I've been summoned
    Her voices telling me,
    to join the other side
    And as my sense fades away,
    my visions transcend
    Now I realize,
    where I am going
    At last I hear, the bells are calling for ME!

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