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    Shadows of the twilight
    Suffocate the light of day
    Fog rise in the forest
    The breath of lucifer
    The moon shines on the holes
    Of evil entities
    Soon they will awake
    Hail to their return

    100's of years asleep
    Suddenly they're here
    Killing all of light
    They will bring us to the dark
    Evil rides the earth
    The ancients are reborn

    Lucifer we greet you now
    We'll serve you as your slaves
    No one can stop thy unknown hordes
    In this mess of obscurity
    We'll join you in the evening
    As the twilight rapes the day
    We've been waiting for you
    Ancient ones
    To avenge your destiny

    We'll evoke the darken centuries and kill the holy light
    We'll stay here for all eternities to crush the name of delight
    We'll turn into demonic shapes and take away some lives
    Rape the mortal humanrace the eternal sacrifice

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