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    Undying odyssey... a myriad of times

    The soul has seen
    Through eyes of heaven
    The imperium of earth
    There's nothing left to perceive

    Help me to escape from this existence
    I yearn for an answer... can you help me?
    I'm drowning in a sea of abused visions and shattered dreams
    In somnolent illusion... I'm paralyzed

    Infinity distraction
    A pious human disorder
    Blind to passage of souls
    Conclusion from one remembrance

    Help me to escape...

    Transfixed... I gaze through my window at a world lying under a shroud of
    frost. In a forlorn stupor I feel the burning of staring eyes, yet no one
    is here. Detached from reality, in the Knowing of dreams, we know the
    entity of ensuing agony waits to clasp us in its cold breast, in an empty
    room. We awake and it's true...
    I dreamt of the sun's demise, awoke to a bleak
    morning. In the emptiness I beheld fate for the dead light is a foretelling
    of what will be... I saw a soul drift from life, through death, and arrive
    at Elysian fields in welcoming song. Yet I stand in a dusk-filled room
    despondently watching the passing of the kindred spirit... and there
    is no song... just a delusion of silence

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