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    Left by dawn
    Determined mind
    The final way out
    My bridges were burned
    One last path to justify life...
    To follow this crazy dream

    Heading for the woods
    To places I had been before
    But in my dreams
    They were altered
    I just had to see
    But the deeper I walked
    Confusion emerged
    Paths unknown?
    I was astray

    And though it was day
    The sun shone no more
    But as I despaired
    Certain to be lost
    I suddenly stood
    By a temple

    The temple in my dreams
    With a thousand steps
    My journey was complete
    The source of essence
    Of which I had been foretold
    Climbing up the stairs
    Hewn in stone
    Stained with generations blood
    Thorn, like poison snakes
    Entangles me, severs my skin

    Helped by the wind
    At last at the top
    A mysterious sight reaches my eyes
    For on the very highest step
    A gigantic mirror was placed
    Unseen in my dream
    I was dismayed

    With fear I faced the mirror
    And to my great surprise
    My reflection...
    The image of the devil
    And behind...
    At the very foot of the stairs
    I could see clouds
    And heaven from above

    Through the mirror
    I could see heaven's gate
    Forever closed for me
    All of a sudden
    A stormwind came
    And put the mirror in spin

    Got hold of the thorn
    Of the highest step
    I see the mirror stop
    Yet the wind blows
    My image... I am Messiah
    Hanging down the stairs
    In the reflection a chasm
    And the gate in front of me
    Was the back of the gate to hell

    I was sure to fall
    A question of seconds
    But once again
    The wind came to my help
    And saved me from the flames
    But trapped in the grasp of the wind
    I was violently thrown
    Towards the spinning mirror
    And I got caught in the spin
    New dimensions I saw
    But I never say the mirror again

    My last way to redemption
    Turned out to be a fatal delusion
    I'm condemned
    To eternal emptiness
    Condemned to play roles
    In a thousand worlds
    I'm never to be myself again

    [Leads by: Schalin]

    [Final lead part two by: Allenmark]

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