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    Reality, my one last escape
    I can't hid deep inside myself
    I close my eyes
    Try to cover my ears
    I'm obsessed
    No peace to be found

    Three churches with minarets
    On three hills, far away
    Every church has a bell
    Piercing chime
    Resonates in my head

    [Lead: Schalin]

    One for faith, holy faith
    Roars like hell
    One for hope, bloody hope
    One for love
    Tinkling fuck

    Optical delusions
    Unheard sounds
    Haunting me, why?
    These symbols I can't understand
    Or interpret
    I open my eyes
    To escape from this hell
    Although reality bites
    Reflection I can spare

    Three windmills now appear
    New visions but I don't care
    Two in spin and one is still
    Eyes now burn
    Sound intensified
    Eardrums blow
    Delirious delirium!

    [Lead: Schalin]

    He never solved the riddle
    Never tried
    Cursed to die!

    [Lead: Allenmark]

    Never reached
    The insight that I have
    Led to his demise
    So learn from this...

    If you are a stormy sea
    Hold the mill-sails
    If your soul is ground

    I prithee mark my words
    Your soul torn apart
    By the sound of the bells
    Misled by visions
    You will expire
    Concentrate, gather strength
    Don't let the chime
    Get to you or your soul

    If you're strong
    No mill can grind your soul
    Not even if you are
    A stormy sea

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