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    All was settled from the start
    Immaculate and pure
    I invited chaos to stain, defile
    And purity was no more
    Demise of the crown, hereditary prince
    I stand by the gate of what is not
    The castle now has turned
    to a hole in the ground
    Free fall

    Bad gods glare at me
    From the horizon line
    These gods are for real
    But maybe not omniscient creators

    I live in a fantasy
    And when I dream, let me dream
    And never wake me up again

    Choke on guilt
    Near death experience
    And I can not see
    The light at the end of the tunnel

    Al that was is again
    Those I let down have forgiven me
    Once more they have faith in me
    All I was I am again
    Reborn, I am a child
    It's but a dream and I hate myself

    All was settled from the start...

    There's a future looking bright
    There's hope, I've got the strength
    I've go a life
    And a talent for irony

    All is dead
    All is over
    Bury me under a stone
    with no inscription!

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