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    [Lead: Schalin/Allenmark]

    Torment, hatred, calamity
    I've strived to overcome, for years
    A recollection, I would like to believe
    As a faded water-mark
    Is The only thing that remains
    Instead of deep imprints of pain

    Human brain, what a powerful device
    Capacity we can't believe, can't conceieve
    What's erased can always be retrieved

    All the pain drained from my mind
    In violent streams ran underground
    Where it arrived it putrefied
    Rotted for life

    [Lead trade-off: Schalin, Allenmark x2]

    Human brain, what a powerful device
    Capacity we can't believe, can't conceive
    What's erased will always be

    Years have passed and rivers of hate
    I have tried to dam
    But the way you treated me
    Made me who I am
    My hands were clean
    But you pissed upon my soul
    Before I can be born again
    I will have to explode

    Vermin, bacteria, putrefaction
    The sewege of the mind shall prevail
    Because every cesspool needs an outflow
    And if it should be blocked
    the sewage finds new ways

    Now the time has finally arrives
    Pipes are goping to blow
    Get in the way and you'll be crushed
    Drown and become one
    With the sewage of the mind

    All the pain drained from mind...

    [Lead trade-off: Schalin, Allenmark, Schalin]

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