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    It's the time of the day when I lay down to rest
    To impressions of the day digest
    But thoughts of my existence emerge
    Who am I and why am I?
    My consciousness can't be purged
    Until a soothing breeze is putting me to sleep
    I fall through endless depths

    My dreams awake, they're taking over
    Take me on a journey within

    [Lead: Schalin]

    I see myself and I see my world
    I meet people from my past
    But can't remember where they're from
    They stare at me with hollow eyes
    Still disappointment therein lies

    I see nations birth and death
    One thousand human lives
    Begin and end
    I see new religions are born
    And they fall into oblivio
    I witness the births of worlds
    And the old ones wither away

    New universes are created in storms of fire
    The old ones are crushed inside black holes
    I see my old life fading away
    And a new one is about to begin

    I see water sprig
    From the well of truth
    People congregate
    With will to eternal wisdom obtain

    Those with false hearts
    That taste the water change form
    To trembling vile creatures with their insides out
    The others are reborn as gods

    At the very back of the swarming crowds
    I see my tense face, I'm eager with fear
    I desire to know but I fear the same fate
    The one of others that I just beheld

    When monsters with false hearts have expired
    And the new gods are sent to conquer the world
    As the last one I stand alone by the well
    With fear I put out my hands
    To finally taste the truth about me

    [Lead: Schalin]

    With uncertainty I awake from my dream
    What would have happened and who am I?

    I seek but can not find the well of truth
    And struggle therefore through my life
    With fear and eagerness
    To godhood or complete demise

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