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    Did you ever feel
    it's like you're hanging over an abyss
    Your hands are tied,
    you can't break loose
    You're still hanging
    only because your teeth
    Have grasped the outermost twig of life

    The only that keeps you from falling
    Is that you keep your teeth clenched
    Your body can struggle
    But you just can't scream
    You know you'd be crushed
    Hitting the floor of reality
    You suffer on and feel
    Soon you're about to give in

    Do you assume a reality
    Existing without our perception
    I don't believe it is so
    The notion of reality is just a conception
    Created by senses and mind
    Leaving the spirits behind

    If you view reality
    As existing without the persistence
    of minds
    Then keeping teeth clenched
    may be what is right
    But if reality is created by you
    This image can also be modified

    I'm speaking of bringing the ground
    Closer to your feet
    Reducing the distance between
    You and reality perceived
    Let go and land in this image
    of your consciousness
    Ready to reconstruct

    [Lead: Allenmark]

    Do you assume a reality...

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