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    Too long on the throne, no resistance
    You try to own me, possess my mind
    Believing you can control my existence
    Indoctrination, brainwash by lies

    A nation I am
    Sovereignty belongs to me
    Deep inside infantry
    Gather for attack

    Prepare for war
    All armies unite for the battle
    I'm in command
    We march to the front
    To recapture our land

    Nothing may stand in our path
    No prisoners shall we take
    No enemy shall ever rise again

    And twilight is followed by stillness of death
    Count your dead
    I let all grievance be branded
    Into your mind

    [Lead: Schalin, Allenmark]

    Gather hate, dominate
    Enemies brought to account
    If we shall meet any life...
    Exterminate, eradicate!
    No allowances we make

    We've slain your nation...
    Leveled with the ground
    Lesson you have learned
    Antagonists kneel or burn

    We claim the highest throne
    Our name is legion
    The future is ours
    My destiny is now in my control

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