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    Despise the lie!
    What makes you strong is what I hate
    The plague that heals your wounds
    All you believe makes you sane, strong

    Truth would destroy you
    You would wish for death
    If you saw what I see
    And you would die, but I would see
    You while you would fall
    Before me

    Fall before me
    Soon you will be
    Under my feet
    And left behind like all conquered lies

    If you could cleanse your soul
    And leave deception far behind
    We would never be equal
    Because free I stand, rid of lies
    But without lies you would be no more

    I do not envy you
    I do not want what you have got
    I only wish to see you die
    By your own hand
    Deprived of all that made you live

    Tough fuck, sad but true
    Your vision... a reflection of you
    Without substance
    No reason

    [Lead: Schalin]

    Yes, I want to spread the truth
    To all of you who were seeking truth
    But reality behind your veils
    Is far beyond your frame of mind

    Drained of what you thought was life
    You would be like an empty shell
    Hollow, used and thrown away
    Fragile as crystal in my hand

    [Lead: Schalin]

    Broken shell, empty and small
    What will become of you?
    Your life is worth less
    Than sand under my feet

    Leave deception far behind!
    We will never be equal
    Because free I stand, rid of lies
    But without lies you'd be no more
    Can I ever make you see
    Or even think like me?
    No, you will always feel
    Safe like the child
    Not knowing his father won't be back

    For fire... burn with me
    Know me deep inside
    For truth... see what I see
    Take my hand or fall before me

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