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    I realize as I awake
    Life's to be taken to a new level
    Belief is not the way
    Dogma will dispirit your soul

    The only road to mastery of life
    Is to determine it's extremity
    When it shall expire

    [Lead: Schalin]

    Choosing victim is easy
    Enemies are first in line
    You are the sworn
    Targets for my crime
    Expectations are growing fast
    Stronger as I plan
    Life's to get new dimensions
    Mercy denied, I celebrate

    Only road to mastery
    Determine life's extremity
    Someone's gonna die

    Moment of death I release the blood
    Awaiting thrills but I'm still cold
    Instead of the power I'd possess
    Reinjected emptiness

    A belief in something
    That couldn't fulfill my needs
    I feel nausea
    With myself, not with my deeds

    So I'm back where I begun
    But the only way out is another one

    [Lead: Schalin]

    Tired, confused, exhausted
    I stab the dagger to my chest
    My strength is not enough
    Enough to penetrate
    Pitiful I am
    And despite the pain
    Laughter from my throat
    I just can't restrain

    I vomit, I laugh, I suffocate
    Ironic no one can deny
    Beside my victim I laugh to death
    Oh what a funny way to die

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