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    Intimidate me?
    No use, you can't harm me
    I have returned for everyone to see
    No time for empty threats
    Know the new me
    Unleash your fear, your hate
    Unhurt I will be

    Surrounded I am
    But lay down your arms and save your hate
    Immaterial being
    I'm no one you incarcerate
    I'm forever free
    Unbound by the realm of flesh

    You can't kill me
    Can't kill what's already dead
    I died long ago
    Last ship that was passing by
    Vanished where the sea meets the sky

    You chose not to hear my screams
    Turned away, escaped into your dreams
    My hands tried to get a grip
    To the very end
    Saved my last breath for a downward trip

    Sank into the ocean
    Was chained to the bottom with moral
    All my limbs were putrefied
    My body's dead, my wraith's alive

    So I'm back to intervene
    Claim revenge
    Blood is to be seen

    Nothing to lose
    No pain, no infliction
    No fear reigns inside my head
    You can't kill what's already dead

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