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    Diagrams, blueprints, sketches are drawn
    Infinite calculations so accurate
    Lines, circles, angles, images are linked
    To perfection be combined!
    Feverish movements to fulfill the plan
    Frantic operation, sweat breaks on your brow
    Foundations of a new world are soon to be seen
    As soon as the old one has been crushed

    Castles, built in the air

    Powered by merely strength fo will
    Bulldozers follow pulling down machines
    Any remnant of the obsolete
    Is soon to be crushed into dust
    A new civilization is to be built upon
    The steaming tombs of forefathers
    Silent, choked, they are meant to be
    In their coffins for eternity

    Castles, built on sand

    [Lead: Allenmark, Schalin]

    Oh you dream, oh your dream!
    Valid are no scientific rules
    The undead will take revenge
    Coffins will arise, buildings fall to the ground
    The new vilization is now to decay
    Blueprints to scorn your defeat will remain
    Learn that inside is where to excavate
    Or anything you build will be burnt down by hate

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