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    "God created man
    in his own image"
    But ever since
    the fall of man
    Man is but a sinner
    who must do penance
    That is what
    God's servants say
    A true believer
    was hit by misfortune
    Although he had ;ed
    a sinless life
    "Can this be the will
    of an almighty god?"
    Clouded skies
    are reflecting
    his state of mind

    Storm rages above him
    in the dead of night
    But also in his heart
    His strength and will
    have failed him
    And he's beginning
    to doubt
    Those were even
    features of
    a higher might

    he feels emptiness
    Might reflect
    a void in heaven
    And the absence of God

    Devoid of content
    is the word of God
    Serves no purpose
    in conformity
    with his life

    As all prosperity
    has been washed away
    And no support
    is to be accounted for
    from the "good" souls

    He feels named
    and alone
    as there' no one
    to answer his prayers
    No angels,
    no intervention divine
    Would save him
    should he fall
    All hope is lost but now
    he dares not believe
    Or live in the lie
    that used to be his shield

    If the meaning of life;
    To honor
    and live for God
    Proves to be a lie
    What's there to live for?

    I deny
    that there ever was a god
    Or a meaning of life
    other than reproduction
    The rest is up
    to each and everyone of us
    To seek or create

    of the philosopher
    Can there be a god
    if this world is a failure?
    The problem is old
    but yet to be solved
    So if there ever
    was a god
    Her's either dead,
    powerless, or a sadist
    Only thing
    to know for sure
    He's unworthy
    of our worship

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