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    [Lyrics by K. Heidbreder]

    Lying there on satin sheets
    Her body cold her heart still beats
    A frozen love is your defeat
    Sitting on her icy throne
    What she sees she makes her own
    Her passion dead as still as stone
    Your balls are in her frozen grip
    you know you're on a sinking ship
    Its passage is a one way trip

    Trying hard you can't get through
    You've done all that you can do
    Hoping that she wants it too
    Crawling to her on your knees
    All you want to do is please
    Fuck up once your mind she'll freeze
    Back to her you'll come again
    She'll decide just where and when
    This pain and torture will it end

    You scream and cry
    Your dying plea
    You try so hard
    You can't break free
    It's love you want
    It makes you itch
    You know she is
    A frigid fucking bitch

    She'll make you cry she'll make you bleed
    Infect you with her demon seed
    On your soul she does feed
    Temptress harlot fucking whore
    Knocks you down you're back for more
    Leaves you lying on the floor
    Leave her side you'd sooner die
    You've tempted fate you scream and cry
    Shattered dreams all empty lies

    You're in her hold you'll do her will
    By crushing you she gets her thrill
    With twisted words she does kill
    In the dark she's always there
    Through your flesh she does tear
    Smash your hopes she doesn't care
    Pain she'll bring to your soul
    She's got you now she has control
    Your demise her wretched goal

    [repeat 1st verse]

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