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    For all of our wandering,
    We've still so far to go
    For all of our questioning,
    We've still the need to know...

    Are we still the frightened child?
    Are we still the angered youth?
    Or are we old before our time?
    Are we getting any closer to the truth?

    We're force-fed reasoning
    Yet, still can make no sense
    The mind misses the point
    Blind in its arrogance
    Should we build a "better way"?
    With whatever we can find?
    If, in turn, it means we lose ourselves?
    Should we force a common mind?

    We're weaned on empathy
    To satisfy our doubt
    While attempts at unity
    Have scattered us about
    Should we invent a "common bond"?
    Through means misunderstood?
    Or are we simply widening the gaps?
    Should we force a brotherhood?

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