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    Up into the universe I cast my line
    Standing on top of the rolling hillside
    I'm waiting for a sign
    Watching for your eyes
    I know I'll be here all night
    Starfishin' for you
    Wishing that it weren't true
    You've taken a shine
    To someone new
    A crawfish, a sunfish a lightening bug goes by
    Starlight and sea foam my washed up valentine
    The nets came up empty the last kiss was thrown
    The poor dog up in the sky lost his bone
    Just when I thought my ship had come in
    You went and spoiled everything
    I'm gonna cry an ocean of tears
    I'll sail away the rest of my years
    Seaweed and moonbeams
    A shipwreck of bad dreams
    Sand dunes and sea grass
    Galileo's face in his beer glass
    The clock is callin' to you
    The night has fallin' for you
    The whole world is turned upside down

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