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    Innocent I was born a queen
    Woke to life I thought it was a dream
    I was lying in the gutter when a hand unseen
    Poured down the sun on New York City
    I went sailing through the streets
    On a sea of faces
    I was just another person
    That time erases
    It was All Soul's Day and I was not afraid
    I felt I had a reason to live that day
    And it seemed to me that something good
    Is coming if you think it could
    And I don't know when
    and I don't know how
    But I put my head into the clouds
    And it's beautiful
    It's beautiful
    It's beautiful
    Life is
    Now I'm flying over bridges
    And the sun's in my eyes
    Skyscrapers shining and trains roll by
    I thought I saw myself among the passersby
    We're walking on the water
    Walking on the light

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