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    Carvin' out a kiss
    Oh I thought that he was such a dish
    Making a wish with a jackknife on the skin of a tree
    I didn't stand a chance
    Not a shot in hell
    He's been working on an old Coupe de Ville
    I'm not in his heart
    Now he's fixed up some old car
    He drives it around and around
    When I see him I say, hi
    He just honks and drives on by
    He drives it around and around
    Around and around
    Down at the playground
    You can see him parked way out alone
    What's that he's doing
    Listening to the radio way down low
    He didn't see me
    But I saw something like a fish in his hand
    Maybe I'm a lucky girl
    I didn't get my wish and now I understand
    Who knows the reasons why I love the ones who don't love me
    Lights may never turn to green
    That car's mysterious
    That guy's delirious, obscene

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