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    It happened again late last night
    When the moon was on the rise
    I was sipping my favorite drink
    And I was laughing and joking and
    flirting with this stranger
    Some guy
    And sometimes I'm like a stupid little girl
    Dressed up in my mama's high heeled shoes
    And I'm playing at these grown up games
    And I don't even know the rules
    And I'm lying to myself
    And I'll be lying next to him
    Burying my loneliness in this gin
    And I'll be flying high again
    Band plays some slow number
    And the booze is in my head
    And these unknown hands caress my back
    I'm gonna wake in an unfamiliar bed
    When the last song is finished
    And the band starts to pack it up
    Bartender calls, Come on folks let's finish
    He knows we've had too much
    And outside in the parking lot
    We're gonna linger til the last car drives away
    And I'm thinking I can love this guy just tonight
    Keep my devils all at bay
    In the darkness of this room
    We can't see each other's eyes
    And sweet blindness makes love to me
    Approves of my disguise
    In the morning not much to say
    Words hang heavy in the air
    And I quickly throw on my wrinkled dress
    Run my fingers through my tangled messed up hair

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