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    There was a blind boy in Memphis, Tennessee
    Who heard the savior call but he could not see him
    He walked along the river's edge
    Among the weeds and the red clay bed
    And he thought that he might follow him
    Thought that he might follow him
    He was walking with a can of warm beer in his hand
    And singing, Whole Lotta Love
    Cicadas they were groaning in the trees
    Weaving drunkenly up toward the sun
    And he walked under the swollen sky
    And felt the weight of what it was
    Oh blind river boy
    Blind river boy
    Where are you going to tonight
    He had a thought that he might stop and rest
    Under the weeping willow limbs
    And he decided to go wading
    And he left his boots and hat there on the ledge
    And he found his feet out walking
    Where the water bloomed a brilliant red
    He went into his waist and the water
    curled around him in a wake
    All the water singing round him
    What a lovely sound the water makes
    what a lovely sound the water makes
    Tenderly lifted like a woman in her
    lover's gentle arms
    The river pulled him under and
    he heard a tugboat far off call
    And a panic rose inside of him
    he knew he was in terrible terrible harm
    And now he's headed like a prayer to be spoken
    at the river's deepest sound

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