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    Im falling deep in Sphere beyond
    In bloodred Nights I make my Way
    I am fading away from this Life
    Alone Im standing, God has lied to me
    My Soul is not sleeping, Im finding no Peace
    I will rise against you all and your Fear is my Pride
    Alone I stand beneath the Gates, to destroy Heaven to destroy the Light
    As the Fire burns around me and I laugh as the Angels die
    Now their Wings have turned to Ash and my Eyes are burning bright
    Im full of Hate, Im full of Blood
    I slay the Christians and enslave their Souls
    Now I - I know who I am
    Im the chosen one from Hell
    I have slaughered the holy ones
    I am the Rebirth of the Night, Im the chosen one from Hell
    Im the one who controls your Fear, mightier than Death
    And noone knows my Name, cause I live behind the Light

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