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    Fire burns bright
    Through dark and cold Nights
    Stormwinds arise, the Sun slowly dies
    Pagan Winds blow, the Fire burns bright
    Stormwinds above, Storm in my Heart

    In the darkest of the Night
    I can feel the Demons cry
    In black Corners of my Soul
    I can feel the Fire burn
    In my Dreams I've seen the King
    And the fallen Angel cry
    In my Dreams I've seen me lough
    As I stand above them all

    Let the evil Spirit fly
    Break the Walls that capture me
    Free my Soul so it can rise
    Lead me through the endless Ice

    The Wolves carry my Name
    Through their Midnight-Howling
    And this silent whispering Voice
    Calls for me from far away

    And my Soul shall fly
    Together with the Flames
    The Thorns will tear my Flesh
    As the Forest sips my Blood
    And the Sun will never shine
    When we are gathered in Moonlight
    I will cry in Moonlight's Shine
    As I become a Part of Night

    Let me fly above the Seals of Sorrow
    Through the seven Gates
    I fly like once in my Dreams
    I've dreamed of burning Wings
    And Thunderstorms above
    I've dreamed of my last Way
    And my eternal Sleep
    I'm old

    Ancient Memories lie
    Beyond the seven Gates
    A Breeze of Frost will blow
    Beyond the Path of Ninib's Gate
    The Seal will gleam in Hate
    As it burns into my Flesh
    As I fall into endless Pain
    I can hear pagan Winds blow
    I see Spirits fly as I sleep in Thorns
    I hear Spirits call as I close my Eyes
    Oh, Lord Ninib, God of Darkness,
    Hear my Screams and feel my Pain
    Let my Soul fly to sleep in your Land of Shades

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