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    In eternal Silence we are drawn
    Buried in Stone
    Dust on my Hands
    One hundred Years
    In the pale Shine of a dying Sun
    I fly beneath the Clouds
    Like Ravens through midnight Skies
    My Shade is like a Veil
    That sips Life from this Earth
    Into the Abyss I fall
    My Soul will hunt through the Night
    As a Phantom I arise
    Blackwinged like a Demon I fly

    Beyond the Gates of mystical Paths
    Where the Bringers
    Of the forthcoming Chaos gather
    Under a Moon that buries all Life
    Beneath a Veil of velvet Light

    When Shadows dance
    To Night's Symphonies
    And the Graves are trembling once again
    When the Grim of haunted Souls
    Grasps for a dying Age
    And Winds are summoned
    By some ancient Gods
    When Blood of Mankind flows
    Above the Sins of Man
    And Demons rise in bloodred Nights
    To hunt the puny rest
    And I, the Demon,
    Wait for the day of Wrath
    Preparing for the End
    Armageddon comes to pass

    I fly above the Graveyard
    And hear her cry for me
    Her dying Soul will grasp
    The last Time for me
    I remember the Day
    When they buried her in Stone

    Her Eyes still not closed
    She's waiting for me
    Dust on her Hands, Blood in her face
    Tears in her Eyes
    Visions that I will never forget
    As I saw her Body lying old and grey
    I felt the Hate arise
    That was tearing up my Soul
    All I have loved died in my Hand
    I walk the Path alone
    That leads me to the End
    When the Sunshine fades away
    And all remains is Dust
    Then I, the Demon,
    Come to rule this Earth

    Like Ravens through this Midnightsky
    We spread our Wings to fly again

    Above the Ruins of a martyred World
    Where Shadows wake the Dead to rise
    And the Smell of Blood fulfils the air
    The Angles weep upon their Clouds
    Till the Sun will fall and burn their Wings
    And total Chaos will remain
    So my Throne may rise - forever!
    Silently the Demon gets stronger, Emotions die
    Power that commands the Darkness and you
    Oh I, I feel I get stronger, I will become God
    I will fly blackwinged
    As a Demon for the last Time
    Like Ravens through the Nightskies
    I spread my Wings to fly once again
    Through Stormclouds and Darkness
    Towards my Throne
    Which still gleams through the Night

    Like Demons through Nightskies
    I spread my wings to fly once again
    Through Fire and Darkness
    My Wings keep strong and I feel

    I am GOD!

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