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    I hear the Call of the ancient Forest
    A thousand Whispers embrace my Mind

    I am the ancient One
    Called from the Unlight
    Cursed by the Might
    Of the ancient Forest
    His call, so clear and near
    Burns in my Heart so bright
    Burns like an endless Flame
    In darkest Night
    I see the Moon arise
    Feel how he looks at me
    Oh, how sweet does this Silence taste

    I have fallen in the Spell of this endless Night
    I fell asleep and I'll never awake again
    Shadows are dancing above my closed Eyes
    As I am buried in a Cloud of Dust
    My Body fades away but I still remain
    Endless Darkness
    Only Moonlight's Shine

    And I walk upon the Shadows
    Beyond forgotten Woods I dance
    My Eyes are like a Mirror
    I'm searching for the Stars
    Alone I stand on the Path to Eternity
    Only the Moon shows me the Way

    Slowly I walk the Stairs
    Of the Moonlight
    And the Raven flies with me again
    Spirits dance on Shadows
    As I grasp for frozen Stars
    I have fallen
    In the Spell of the Moonlight
    Its Shine embraces me again
    Blinded by this Light
    I'm falling carefully
    Down into a Mirror
    In another World

    I will fly again above the frozen River
    My Blood has fallen deep
    Into this endless Field of Snow
    My Heart is frozen
    As I'm caught in a Dream
    Endless Memories are flying beside me
    I will die in this Dream

    See me cry at the Gate
    I am lost in this Dream
    And my Wings turned to dust
    Never ending Pain I feel
    See my Tears fall like Rain
    Creating a River which carries my Pain
    Where are the Shadows
    Which once carried me?
    Where is the Stair To the Moonlight
    I have walked?

    I am falling to vanish
    In the darkness I love
    And the Grace of Night
    Sends for me out again
    Look, the Mirror shines bright,
    I can see it with my Eyes
    Oh, great Goddess,
    Your own Words
    Turned to Lies

    In the Spell of Midnight's Grace
    My Soul's embraced
    By Moonlight's Shine
    In the Spell of Midnight's Grace
    My Soul's embraced
    By Demon's Cries

    See the Stormwind rising higher
    See the Mirror in my Eyes
    See the Dance of cursed Shadows
    See me die in my own Dream

    Wake me up from endless Suffer
    I'm in the Spell of Midnight's Grace

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