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    As the Nightside called for my Name
    From the Land of Snow and Ice
    For the Spirits are dancing with me
    At the Path to the Unlight
    I will never again see the Light
    That has once cursed my mortal Soul
    Great black Goddess I'm searching
    For you to fulfil your Soul with mine
    I have heard your Call in the Night
    As I was standing about to fall
    I have felt your Hand touching me
    As I was falling so silently
    Like a drunken Angel I fly
    And my Eyes are burning bright
    Towards the Land of Snow and Ice
    Where all dead Angels lie

    For this Night I've waited long
    When I take your golden Crown
    The Dust will take my flesh away
    But I remain in Clouds of Dust
    Towards the Unlight I will rise
    Where only Dust and Darkness lies
    Where my Soul will reign in Blood
    And the Demons praise my Soul

    I'm falling into a Shade of Grey
    That carries my dying Soul away
    Silently the Wind embraces me
    And kisses me in Shades of Grey
    Frozen Rivers all around
    And the Forest grasps for me again

    She kissed my Neck
    And sipped my Blood
    Touched me tenderly as I felt
    Immortal I remain with her
    No Light shall ever reach my Eye
    The Night became a Part of me
    Secret Voices call for me
    Whispering Shadows carry me
    Night's Embrace will make me free

    Im dunklen Samt der Nacht
    Wenn alles fort schlft und ruht
    Durch Begierde vom Schlaf erwacht
    Zu suchen nach frischem Blut
    Dein Krper bla im Mondschein glnzt
    Mein Sein geprgt von Dunkelheit
    Dein Blut ist fr mich wie Wein
    Zrtlich der Ku zur Ewigkeit

    The Shine of the Moon
    So clear and bright
    The Snow on my Hands
    The Frost in my Heart
    This never ending Flame in me
    Like a Dagger that carves in my Flesh
    A Symphony composed by the Wind
    How sweet does it sound
    What am I now

    A Dream of endless Silence
    Of Life that will fall down to Dust
    A Dream of endless Darkness
    A Dream where I kiss the Unlight
    A Dream of dancing Shadows
    Of Shadows that carry my Soul
    A Dream of endless Frost
    Of Frost that will grasp for my Soul

    I hear the Shadows scream
    Calling for my Soul
    They will ride with me
    On the Wings of Damnation
    Together with my Goddess
    We're restless in the Woods
    Screaming with the Shadows
    Who are fading all away
    And as the Sun arose
    Above the snow-covered Hills
    I was staring at my Queen
    I will kiss her the last Time
    To Dust we will fall
    Together we are now
    Ashes to Ashes
    And Dust to Dust

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