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    Look around
    Make it familiar to ya
    Feel the sounds
    That we are pumping through ya
    It might be your lucky day
    So get up and make it happen lets go

    Look at you
    You don't know what I'm doing
    You look at me
    You know just what I'm thinking
    I think it's my lucky day
    So give in to me you know you want to

    Oh baby
    I want your body all over me
    The way it should be

    You're smelling good
    Pressed up against my body
    Seems like you would
    Be willing to get naughty
    So what are we doing here
    Lets go home and entertain the neighbours

    Oh baby
    I've got your body all over me
    The way it should be

    Oh..oh..... (Oh baby, I've got your body all over me. The way it should be)

    Amoeba - Amoeba
    Copyright (c) AMOEBA

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