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    Sitting on the porch alone
    Just broke up with you on the phone
    I could sit and cry here all night long
    But what would that achieve but
    Sore eyes and lack of sleep
    Everythings cool

    Lock your doors and windows too
    Cause I'm coming after you
    So don't turn your bac or go to sleep at night
    cause I'll be waiting

    Sitting on the porch alone
    After all is said and done
    I'm here having all the fun
    Watching you lye there
    And bleed
    Now who's the fool

    But I told you
    To lock your doors and windows too yeah
    Cause I was coming after you
    But you turned your back and went to sleep that night

    Amoeba - Amoeba
    Copyright (c) AMOEBA

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