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    A riggi digg digg digga

    Well hello Mr Froggy
    Now what you gonna do today
    "I think I'll go and see my mother."
    Thats what he says
    Well he's hopping along, along down the road
    Without a single car in the world
    Till around that corner comes a killer
    You better watch out little toad

    Just get on up!
    Just get on up!

    Well poor old Mr Froggy
    Now he was in a bad way
    He could not get to see his mother
    And it was her birthday
    Till a kind old lady wandered along
    Singing a funky frog song
    And scraped him up, up off the road
    Aren't you lucky little toad!

    Just get on up (get on up get on up get on up)
    Just get on up!

    rigg digg digg just get on up up up!
    (get on up get on up get on up get on up)


    Amoeba - Amoeba
    Copyright (c) AMOEBA

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