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    A summer wind is drifting through my hair
    With it goes all of me that is there
    There's nothing left of me but flesh and blood and bones
    I'm alone
    I'm alone

    Memories come and go like dust in wind and rain
    Enjoying them are all of my friends and kin
    Into the uncertain future I wind
    So blind
    So blind

    Not so strong
    I'm not so strong x 3

    It's hard for me to see the light of day
    When darkness always seems to be in my way
    Open your eyes and take a look around
    Lost and found
    Lost and found

    No No
    Please god no
    Not that low
    please not so low

    Not that strong
    I'm not that strong x 2
    I'm not so strong

    No no
    please god no
    Not that low no
    please god no no
    Please god no
    please god no no
    not that low
    please god no

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