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    Amil feat. Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek

    4 Da Fam
    Memph Man, my nigga Tah Phife
    This ones for the family (What's Up?)
    Understand me, yeah (Uh-huh)
    We gonna do it right
    for all these bitch ass niggas talkin gangsta (R-O-C)
    We dem killas, real, and in studio
    Check it out, yo

    Aiyo, this time it's for my family, we ride or die
    It's in the blood til the death, now aim for the sky
    My four blow fo show, fo doe, for only
    It's money, drugs and hot slugs
    You know Bleek squeeze hammers til they nail me
    Fuck wha niggas tell me
    Street scholar, keep firin is wha they tell me
    Drug chemist, thug nigga be named Memphis
    Straight from da borough of dem B.K. niggas
    Where we rob for the fun of it, hustle for the drug of it
    Rap money in rubba-bands, just for the love of it
    Straight from my ghetto, we listen to heavy metal like
    Desert Eagles, street sweepers, loud metal
    It's hit an run now, motherfuck anyone of you
    We dem niggas be in ya crib just like fruniture
    Pop up wit the gun in ya
    Release one for zero-zero M (Yeah)
    Bleek-R-O-C (Yeah yeah) dot com (Yeah)

    [Beanie Sigel]
    This Philly cat back at it
    Still throwin crack at it
    Still fuckin wit them crack-atics
    Still bust'em wit them black Matics
    It's ain't the bucks, it's the rush
    You tryin to get my ass at it
    They say I think ass backwards
    Fuck how I act, as long as I stack, it's all math-matics
    Our tracks nice, hug the block ta tract dice
    Late night, club night, Mac attract dikes
    I pull up, Cadillac truck nice
    Two guns, you know Mac pack gat twice
    Gets that crack back wit that ice
    No joke wit the coke, i wips that right
    No doubt, never droubt, gets that price (Uh)
    It gets that nice, when you live that live
    Papi knows yours name and you ditched that wife nigga
    It's gets stacked green nigga, it gets stacked chain nigga (Uh uh)

    I get forty G's a feature now
    Hold Franklins like a Aretha now
    In the SL two seater now
    And I'm in nuthin but diamonds
    I'm the illest female that you heard thus far
    Five-five with the thirty-four B-cup bra
    I don't fuck wit dem cats who ain't up to par
    I get niggas for cash, clothes, jeweleries, plus cars (Uh)
    I'm talkin rent money (Uh), I'm talkin bank money (Uh)
    I'm talkin Martha Keats step of wit the rent money
    Movin on up, two in the sauna
    Still ride through the block, pull up on the corna, plus
    Give me an inch so I can take a mile
    I bring life like a new born naked child
    Bitches tryin ta come up, gotta wait a while (Uh-huh)
    As of now, Amil-lion (Yeah) just played ya style
    (You dealin wit), nigga

    The, the Roc, the the, the Roc
    (Let me talk to ya'll niggas real quick)
    The, the Roc, uh uh, the Roc

    Yo, y'all niggas truly ain't ready for this "Dynasty" thing
    Y'all thinkin "Blake Carrington", I'm thinkin more like "Ming"
    I got four nephews, and they all right in
    They all young and wild, plus they all like things
    And I'm havin a child, which is more frighting
    But cha'll about to witness is big business kid
    Big bosses, cocky, and big Benzsesses
    Come through flossin'em shiny rims it is
    An office don't pop up in their sentences
    I think you understand what type of event this is
    I don't think you know I focus young Memphis is
    Or I see was so real, when you add on Amil
    This is much more than rap, it's black Ontraponors
    Clothing, movie, and films, we come to conquer it all
    Roc-A-Wear, eighty mill like, eighteen months
    You could bullshit wit rap if you want, muthafuckers
    When it's all said and done, we gon see what's what
    Holla at Hov, I'll be in the cut (What, huh)

    The, the Roc, the the, the Roc
    The, the Roc, the uh, the Roc (You rollin wit)
    The Roc, dynasty niggas (Whoop)
    Uh-huh, get'cha mind right, c'mon
    Roc-A-Fella Records, 2000 nigga
    Get'cha mind right, holla

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