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    [jay-z] (amil)
    This how i creep on ya asses
    See how the beat is building i creep on your asses
    (just blaze)
    Let me show y'all what the fuck i mean
    Uh uh jigga man ya heard
    Amillion ya heard
    Rocafella ya heard
    The dynasty lets go

    Hook 1: [jay-z] (amil)

    All my ladies (that's right)
    You pop cris (that's right)
    You a hot bitch (that's right)
    Make that nigga trick (that's right)
    Get that dough ma (that's right)
    Let em know ma (that's right)
    Soon as you learn how da drive make em put you in a five mommie`

    Hook 2: [amil] (jay-z)

    Yo you got dough (that's right)
    Let it show (that's right)
    If the moneys slow (that's right)
    You know the rest yo (buck buck buck)
    For my thug niggas (right)
    Bust a slug niggas (right)
    Fuck that get money show love niggas

    Jigga man got grammys so grams cops cannot stand me
    Ladies want me to put cock in they hot panties
    Big man on campus six sadan
    Over 100 million made niggas shipped and scanned
    Niggas cannot stop, knocking that big pac,
    Knocking that big pun, poppin my big gun quick
    Run duck as soon as the gun bust
    Forget where i'm from be coughin ya up
    Robbin hood a the big truck
    Pickin the bums up
    I never know when i can be down my dumb luck
    But the flow so tough i've been beatin the drums up
    Been hot so long like i'm heatin the sun up
    Wanna come up ones and i'm beggin niggas to run up
    So i can take this heat and bang you ta next summa
    Number 1 rapper dippin mo mos'
    Don't make me come press ya wit this fo fo nigga

    Hook 1 jay-z (amil)
    Hook 2 amil (jay-z)
    *with minor changes*

    Amillion make allota tricks (hop skip)
    The hottest whip (copped it)
    Prada shit (rocked it)
    Got the cris (pop it)
    Can ma spit (locked it)
    The roca clique (got us)
    Like jane's cartoon's get props for props too
    Give you something you can feel (huh)
    Can't keep still (huh)
    Tryin' ta see amil (huh)
    Dollar dollar bills (huh)
    Five inch heels (huh)
    Bitches wanna grill (huh)
    Me and my labelmates be makin these cats hate
    Oh come come now
    Wanna know where i'm from now
    Her's a little run-down
    Bk ta uptown
    Pockets kinda plump now
    Haters get the thumbs down
    No need for all that i never keep small stacks
    Alright y'all lights out
    Floss with the ice out
    Brag with the price out
    Red i flights out
    Overseas hideout
    More inside out
    My bitches time to slide out
    Its ladies night out

    Hook 1 jay-z (amil)
    Hook 2 amil (jay-z)
    *with minor changes*

    Its roc-a-wear nigga i got clothes
    Stop it i got hoes
    Black asian malaysian spanish mulatoes
    Look i got whips
    4 dot 6
    6 drop shits
    Bentley cop pits
    While ya'll pop shit
    Any nigga that tell you money is the root of all evil ain't got shit
    You a lying bitch
    You rather live poor
    I rather die rich
    Nough' said

    Mami girl keep the doo rag
    You know bag and shoes match
    Get niggas for a few stacks
    Quick to run through that
    Broke niggas boo that
    Bought my whole crew rap
    The record i don't play around bitch i lay it down
    Shit i only roll wit
    Those who can go get
    6 double o whips
    Niggas that tips
    Ice had ya hoes trip
    Daddy let ya dough flip
    Fuck with loose thugs
    Go collect thm dubs

    Hook 1 jay-z (amil)
    Hook 2 amil (jay-z)
    *with minor changes*

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