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    My life
    Is in the arms of the man upstairs
    Through trials and tribulations
    He'll always be there
    You see I know he loves me
    And I know he cares
    And he'll bever put more on me
    Than I can bear

    [Verse 1]
    Is it a blessing to live or a blessing to die?
    Let me finish out this hell with no questions why
    I should be happy I'm on and dressing fly
    But is the game changing me for the extra pie
    If you could look into the life I live
    Three sixty catching up to all the trife I did
    Got my people up north trying to slice the bid
    While I'm in love with a nigga with a wife and kid
    Maybe if my pops ain't abandon me
    I wouldn't let so many niggas take advantage of me
    Using me some even put their hands on me
    I wonder what the most high got planned for me
    My life line getting shorter when I look in my palms
    Swore I'll be nothing like my biological mom
    She ain't raise me so naturally I never felt a bond
    At 16 got my GED never saw a prom

    I been weak and I been strong
    I been through the fire, I been through the storm
    Try to do right and I know I do wrong
    Just be happy for me when my life is gone
    Cause no more hurt and no more tears
    There'll be no more pain and no more fears
    No more people in my face that's not sincere
    So smile 4 me when I'm no longer here

    [Verse 2]
    At a young age I let the world turn me out
    Pellets and purple haze been burnt me out
    A hard knock life is all I learned about
    Trying to eat the only thing I be concerned about
    Telling my youth everything happens for a reason
    Let him know ain't that his father wanted to leave him
    If it wasn't for the streets he'd still be breathing
    Trying to raise him myself but I know he need him
    Me and my seed used to live off mostly welfare
    Only two checks a month for us both to share
    I remember making sure that the coast was clear
    So I could boost us some muthafucking clothes to wear
    Had to hustle 'cause them food stamps just wasn't enough
    Upstate back to Broadway gott to go re-up
    All this fast cash only turned the heat up
    Can't afford to get knocked but who gonna feed us


    [Verse 3]
    Can't shake these thoughts of suicide
    Anyone I ever loved or was close to died
    Ones I trusted or thought was being true lied
    A lifetime of tears but only a few I cried
    Try to take my past stick it up on a shelf
    But my actions stem from all the pain I felt
    I'm just trying to make the best out the hand I dealt
    If I fall who can I turn to for help
    Hope my man with me or with my health
    Will he be there through good and bad sickness and health?
    Does he want the real me or somebody else?
    I been in wars just so I don't jurt myself
    Now that I'm on most can't stand me now
    They was happy when I rocked all them hand me downs
    When I need them funny how they can't be found
    That's why the most high's my only family now


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