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    I'm making it hard for these little rap chicks to come out
    I'm coppin' whips you in the street with your thumb out
    You wanna battle but when it's time to spit you dumb out
    Singles I've touched been going platinum since the first one out
    I put on seven niggas just to carry me on
    Amilliyon say the hook let'em carry the song
    I be the only bitch on the mic makin' it hot
    With the smoke in the drop in the vacant lot
    Since this bitch been in this game I been takin' spots
    And if you hatin' me, shit you must be hatin' the Roc
    Take it there yeah, I break it down like this
    Ain't a bitch live who can make it sound like this
    Don't make Amilliyon have to pull rank
    Lyrics never on E, I keep a full tank
    Any nigga that I fuck wit got my name in the bank
    Yeah you heard me, he got at least my name in the bank

    Chorus: 2xs
    Everything I spit be raw
    I be like 10lbs of coke and be quick to draw
    And it's pure fuck Miami, it be Ecuador
    For my peeps fuck a foot
    I got they leg in the door

    Yo, let's take it to the whips, bitch five or six
    We could take it to the block flip dimes to bricks
    Take it to the mic see who spit the livest shit
    Who wanna take it to the streets to the nines and clips
    I'm the bitch that won't skate when daddy empty the safe
    Lie on the stand if Jake hem'em up with a case
    Far as this rap shit fuck fame or shine or rhyme
    I don't care who joint drop the same time as min
    Chicks redo albums once they heard my buzz
    Mother fuckers know, I'm a track murderer
    So you could, pop shit bitch run your mouth
    I know niggas that'll get you right in front of your house
    For free and that's just on the strength of me
    If you could touch Amil then you could mention me
    You think Jay wrote this, that's complimenting me
    I'm the best till somebody prove me differently


    You got beef, let's put it all on the table
    You want the hottest clique on the street
    You know the label
    You want the hottest bitch ever known I' willing and able
    Could y'all broads be story tale like a Eastside fable
    You want me to spit bitch make it payable
    If you lucky if you'll be hearing back within a day or two
    That's just comin from a chick who done paid her dues
    Know I'm the hottest chick from kicks to the gator shoes
    A yo, respect this shield of David piece on the necklace
    Now who wanna take it to some next shit?
    Hey yo I crush all bitches, eat up most niggas
    Teach these rap broads, train gold diggas
    You know I know niggas and you know I hld figures
    We speak but that don't mean my niggas is yo niggas
    We up in your spot strapped with the hoods on
    I am Major Coins and any bitch I put on nigga


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