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    [Verse 1]
    Call this bitch yor nigga when time is rough
    I lost a lot when you fell, life is hard to bluff
    You think its hell where you at
    Shit its hell on the streets
    You maintaining in the Bing, I'm surviving to eat
    Don't think am wilding, flexing whips and stuff
    Thinking I'm lost laying down
    Sex for trips and stuff
    I'll admit it I'm use to the finer things,
    We had major names even on the minor things
    Everywhere we went, mad bitches sizing me up
    You know they tight now, shit I get to drive the trucks
    But I wish you were spreading it riding it rough
    I think I miss that more then you buying me stuff
    Since you got knocked your man tried to hollar at me
    And those nigga's you stuck, they throwing dollars at me
    But you know this gaming, and Im just keeping it real
    Holding you down until you back on the field

    [Chorus 2x]
    Feels like I do
    I feel when feeling down
    In the ground feeling down
    It can be most anyday

    [Verse 2]
    Don't worry 'bout these streets I'm conrolling these grounds
    I might slip and miss a V-I but I'm holding it down
    Got the kids to take care its hard out here
    And its tearing my heart to play my part out here
    I seen that snitch and you know I got plots 4 years
    And your bid make me feel like I got the chair
    But ain't nobody tapping this I rather tap my own
    Watching tapes we made while I'm resting alone
    Wishing you home, pictures of you flipping the chrome
    What kind of chic will leave her man when he out the zone
    Me without you is like a stickman without a silencer
    Got me X-ing off days on the calendar
    I miss loading the glock so you could control the block
    I miss watching you work the dogs to tighten the lock
    Think of the time boo pushing it like a 6 double o
    You get your weight up I'm a drain you once they let go


    [Verse 3]
    I can see us back on the bricks, me on your shoulder
    Letting bitches know they wishes to have you are over
    So you ring your broads while you locked away
    I know its hard for a nigga on top not to play
    See Amil's the one you kept draped in ice
    I'm the one waiting silk down caked in spice
    Waiting for your calls or my box to vibrate
    Hoping you want me to come scoop you not being more weight
    I fell from Gucci sandals back to no name brands
    From a six and a mansion to beating the sands
    Staying true make ends meet to have enough for the love I take
    All-savage and stuff
    Have a brick where most F.E.D.S. dare to touch
    Fear none to see the cash, and us popping the clutch
    Chopping a Dutch-flip cop twice as much living low key
    A minute then heist and stuff
    If I have to wait while you gone I'm a take what comes
    If you don't see cash, know its hard in the slums
    Cause I ran through the stash and it ain't no funds

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