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    [Verse 1]
    I'm on the up and up to hot to touch nigga
    The narcs couldn't stop the rush
    Smuggled in the package tight
    I'm 98 a gram leaving attics nice
    I get 5 you dont get half a mic
    Been known to cut ass for the added hype
    And I pop too much shit to be the marriage type
    Get spoiled even when I'm not acting right
    Can't nobody come with the style I bring?
    Piece hanging on the chain just a dangling
    Motorola 2-way so the cell don't ring
    Crush R&B and I don't even sing
    No reference and no pro tools
    Till I'm up in my hersh
    I'm a show and prove
    Got up in the game and made my own rules
    Put heat on the reels until I blow the fuse

    All Money is Legal Baby
    And what, and what
    All Money Is Legal Baby
    What 'chu thing, what 'chu know abut this
    All Money Is Legal Baby
    The higher the price
    The hotter the rhyme

    [Verse 2]
    Amilliyon doper than heroin
    Shoes got to be Gucci wht the fresh pair on
    Spend up doe til its damn near gone
    Lay it down get spins all year long
    You know I run through them papers quick
    You know I rock them glaciers sick
    Chilling waiting for these shares to clear
    I'm the only hot bich you gonna hear this year
    You know I ass kick with no practice
    Any joint I'm on automatic classic
    Niggas pay me just to do ad-libs
    And I move the crowd like I move to Saks Fifth
    If I'm a gonna flash rocks then I'm a stash glocks
    If I'm a gonna talk shit
    then I'm a walk it
    All money is legal now
    I'm with Hov, Bleek and Sigel now


    [Verse 3]
    Give me my cue and I'm ready to roll
    Take a little ghetto celebrity stroll
    Floss with the minks to heavy to hold
    Baggettes be whoa, I gets me doe
    I'm an uptown swinger
    With the light blue on the pinkie finger
    Amilliyon 'bout to shake some ass
    I'm crack packed in till it break the glass
    Keep crates of papes, in the steel encased safe
    Watch doe accumulate like real-estate
    And you know I gotta keep tricks up the sleeve
    Leav'em bankrupt with blue balls till the dick bleed
    Save all receipts write it off quickly
    If I'm a ball I'm play up in the big leagues
    Never fold when the pressure come
    You could put Amil up against the best of 'em

    Chorus 2x

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