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    Left to negotiate with no sense of knowing
    When freedom over truth has triumphed
    Free to be lost and disconnected
    Given as much value as free things often are

    Keep me close to you. Don't let me be alone
    Discarded but not overthrown
    I'm useless, yes it's true
    Keep me, fresh and new. Don't make me obsolete
    I still have hands to wash your feet
    My uselessness is you

    I could be worth my weight in labor
    I could be worth my death in favors
    You could monitor my list of things to do
    And you could overlook my anonymous service to you

    The sum of my marketable skills
    My part in the collective will
    Abilities that you would own
    And use in ways I don't condone
    Produce and receive my meal
    Discard me when I fall ill

    How can I profit you...
    What useful thing can I do?
    (Useful, useless to you)

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