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    Injustice runs rampant in society
    You can even find it in our own pretty democracy

    Run!Well no!
    Or hide in a 9 to 5 and don't care to know

    Impoverished and homeless don't have a choice
    Well, why should they? The money took their voice
    And it flows

    Only prepare at the next media scare...
    Turn the TV on and tune out the sun
    Opinions decisions seem so black and white
    When we allow the media to chose our fight
    Never talk of sex but condemn all abortion
    Christian message is warped in transmitted distortion
    Fell the sea sickening rush of the great capitalist flush
    Spiraling down

    The destruction of all that's in our way
    When times get rough its time to pray

    A Nation of greed
    American apathy
    A path and a blown away seed
    Promoting self is the American way

    Globalization of greed
    Spiritual apathy
    A path and a hollow seed
    Structural collapse is on the way

    We're living, survival of the richest
    Echoes rise up from the pit
    As the pendulum cuts them down
    And our American world, spins around

    Money makes money, while the poor can only get poorer
    Our economic equations include the bottom mans horror
    Some free men sit in prisons while some slaves sit in office
    Prejudice issues manage to linger
    We need reconciliation not pointing a finger
    So what is our ticket out now
    Where do we find truth?
    Many have lost their minds or died
    So we could indulge in our American pride
    And now we glance at some at the corner
    Who have been discarded and junked away
    And forced they work up scams
    To exist with me and you another day

    Consume. Pollute. Hate. Destroy

    Let go of possession, fear and pride

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