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    I am an experiment
    You are an experiment
    We are all experiments

    Denial of Oppression, Justified Aggression
    Imperial Invasion, Nuclear Destruction
    Rugged Individualism, Ethnocentrism
    Blatant Consumerism, Blind Nationalism

    Corporate Globalization, Juvenile Fornication
    Warehouse of Corrections, Irrelevant Religion
    Rhetoric of Revolution, Economic Concentration
    "Make a good impression", Irresponsible reproduction

    A voice cries out in the wilderness
    In a dry and desolate land
    A voice of one is calling
    Destruction is at hand
    This is a land where no one travels
    A land where no one lives
    But a light shines in the desert
    In the place where Darkness is
    She will become the least of nations
    A wilderness, a dry land
    But the wilderness will rejoice
    Strengthen the feeble hands!
    Steady the knees that give way
    Be strong and do not fear
    The voice calling American Culture
    Is a voice that all can hear

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