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    You believe? Man what a joke
    There is nothing I can't see
    My reality is my own creation
    And standing in the center is me
    Backup! Lookout! Step aside
    The decision maker is coming through
    On my road to pleasure and self
    I'll crush your bones, I'll step on you

    We are not in control of this world!

    I stand or fall, I live and breathe
    By the choices I have made
    I stand on the shoulders of no man
    And stand on everyone just the same
    My heroes are all smart men
    They say control is not our own
    Evolutionary Biology, what a genius
    Truth cannot be known!

    You must submit! You must submit!
    There are creatures watching you
    You lie and say they don't exist
    But when you fall they pull you through
    There's no dead carcass in the grave
    But there's rivers of blood on my hands
    Feel like I have lost control
    But by the throne He still stands

    I cannot see it
    Possess it
    Own it
    Control it

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