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    I want change to happen!
    I want Social justice!
    I want Service! Programs!
    No don't drink that wine.

    So many huge decisions
    Are made in corporate board rooms
    What about the streets of our city?

    Will we drink that wine? Will we trust those who know
    Will we venture out in faith, Confess what we don't know
    In a perfect world things are rarely what they seem
    Reality could be a dream

    Who will we listen to and who will we trust
    Will we trickle down or will we trickle up
    Who will decide what the answers will be
    What do we want? Rabbi we want to see

    My mustard seed will grow
    It's growing into a mountain mover
    My crippled leg is showing
    But I'm going to the head of the table
    My worst his best, most honored guest
    The seed is growing stronger
    Throw the mountains into the sea
    Move the mountains inside of me

    The mustard seed against the world
    Perfect world imperfect world

    I want "Bottom Up" justice
    At the bottom of justice
    Surely the wineskin of justice
    Surely the cup of mercy
    Will overflow into the streets of the world

    Soon will come the time
    To drink of His new wine

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