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    I've got a friend
    Who says he's been
    Everywhere he wanted to go
    He read a book or two
    And he thought he knew
    Everything he needed to know

    You cant convince his commen sense
    Whatever will be will be
    He rolls the dice
    And lives his life
    With the simple philosophy

    If you're gonna dream
    Dream big
    If your gonna dance
    Dance slow
    If your gonna sing
    Sng loud
    If you wanna be heard
    On tghe backboards
    If your ganna love
    Stay true
    If your gonna go
    Go far

    Cause time is a curse
    And there's nothin' wose
    Than never reachin for

    Some will arive and some will get close
    Some will surely fall by thier way
    But we're gonna find a place in the sun
    Hangin' around in the shade

    Well im not a teacher
    and i'm not precacher
    a messenger
    Is all i am
    I don't know but I'm passin it on
    I'm leavin it in your hands



    If your ganna love
    Stay true
    If your gonna go
    Go far

    Repeat chourse and fade

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