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    She's a pretty little girl
    So she's never alone
    You see her pretty walking by
    And want her for your own
    In every room she's in
    Every eye's on her
    Memorizing every line
    Every move and every curve

    Of all the pretty little girls
    You know she is the queen
    From all the pretty little pictures
    In the pretty magazines
    You tell her that you love her
    But she won't know how you feel
    She's as pretty as a picture
    But only half as real

    You gave so much
    You had to know
    It took so little
    To hurt you so

    She's learned that a pretty girl
    Can smile and get her way
    It so happens that it's certain
    That it happens everyday
    Anything she wants she can get so easily
    And a pretty little girl is all she ever has to be

    You gave so much
    You had to know
    It took so little
    You hurt you so
    But you can bet
    That she shed some tears for you
    But I bet you that they were
    A pretty little precious few

    Now your eyes are open
    Can't you see just what she's done?
    She's made of fool of many others
    And you're just another one
    From her pretty little head
    To her pretty little toes
    Pretty little on her mind
    Precious little in her soul

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