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    The trains all run on time here
    Got such a straight and narrow mind here
    Just bad you're not a part of the picture

    The things he says are always right
    The things he sees are black and white
    So sorry you've got no place in his future

    Paper tiger, man of steel
    The hero from the movie reel
    So killer cool
    So he can't feel a thing

    For him, to bend is to break
    (Stubborn weakness he calls strength)
    He's got it made, make no mistake
    (Hide the rust beneath new paint)
    His smile is his most sinister feature
    Profit proves his point of view
    (Talks so loud it must be true)
    Doesn't want friends, doesn't need you
    (And it's your world he's welcome to)
    You look so small to a man of such stature

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