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    All the fun I never had
    All the love you never gave
    All the brains I never used

    Against womankind,  away from you

    Fighting for the softest touch
    Biting for the slowest kiss
    Hating waiting to be missed

    I could be a romantic kind of guy with you
    Against womankind, away from you

    You can laugh and I don't care
    You'd never have the guts to dare
    Or the heart to be aware

    Pictures sever to hold me back
    The only time the lens didn't crack
    Was when I was by you
    The truth is I feel better being miserable without you
    Then happy with someone else

    I want your friends to bury you
    I want to watch them bury you
    Then I'll know that I knew you

    I prefer the dead of night
    To living with a breathing lie that looks like you
    And I prefer the cold of heart
    To warming up to someone who reminds me of you

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