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    I sent you a valentine. I'm afraid it won't get there till June
    Somehow I lost track of time, but you know I'm a fool for you

    I send a bouquet of roses, the kind that you're allergic to
    You know that I don't know better, you know I'm a fool for you

    Head over heels, banana peels, it's funny how you make me feel
    Like of love sick slapstick tragedy - would you like to
    Fool around with me?

    I'd fall of the highest mountain, drown in the deepest river too
    Catch a cold in the hottest desert, you know I'm a fool for you

    I would sing outside your window if I could only hold a tune
    I suck so hold it against me. You know I'm a fool for you

    The real world seems so mean to me that I can't take it seriously
    But I love your laugh and I hope you see that I just might be the
    Fool you need
    Every single time I'm with you something's wrong with what I do
    Don't get mad it's like I told you I am just a fool for you.

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